Category: Impossible Gifts

WOW! No way, is that real?

Using every day items, borrowed keys, money, rings – this really make the magic that much more personal to my audience.

Imagine the shock this bride, friends and family felt when after borrowing a £10 note I was able to take a ‘magical’ picture using the note as the camera.

The result? – the Queens face was no longer there, instead, the bride herself.

As you can see from the video, this was performed to the whole room as a final farewell. I almost felt like doing the ‘Dynamo walk off’ but could not get away easily after from the hugs, handshakes and amazement that followed. For everyone in the room, this was clearly the most impossible thing they had ever seen.

I often think about this moment, it is one that sticks out to me among others. I like to think this note has been framed and is perhaps a real reminder of what magic can bring.

Thank you for reading.