Christmas Magic – A real variety of shows


I obviously feel very blessed with the amount of parties both private and corporate I have been involved in but what really interests me is the variety I have seen this year.
This Christmas season has really highlighted how vast the audience for magic really is, it shows that MAGIC REALLY IS FOR EVERYONE.

A variety of parties
I have performed this year for small private parties in homes (8-30 people), small dinner gatherings in restaurants (15-45 people) and larger parties in venues (50-700 people). Each has had its own exciting moments and I really do not have a favourite. With smaller gatherings I get to perform more intimate shows engaging with everyone on a much more personal level which really does create some incredible memories we share and I create emotions as well as wonder.


I have performed my PARLOUR SHOW many times this year but for xmas created a very special version which involved many guests, lot’s of fun and ending with a very special gift for one lucky volunteer. My parlour show varies from a 20 minute spot to a full 1 hour, dependent on numbers, budget and the venue – my parlour show really can fit in very well with any requirements.

Some feedback of a recent parlour show – “Steve performed at our company Christmas party (December 2017) and he was excellent. It was very varied and interactive and even the more skeptical got involved! I think he captured everyone’s imagination and made our evening a wonderful experience. Thank you Steve!” Ellie Wakeford


When entertaining larger number, if done correctly it really can be something very very special. When I performed for Nissan at Silverstone (700 people and one of my bigger bookings), I managed to create an unforgettable atmosphere among several tables all at once, the buzz was incredible and the reactions electric. It’s very easy to get this wrong and only after years of trying out various ideas have I now felt comfortable with what could initially be quite a daunting task. To be the entertainer that everyone is waiting for is a big responsibility and I now rise to the occasion perfectly every time, I actually revel in this environment because I know what I can now achieve.

A snippet feedback from Nissan – “The party went smooth and everyone has given such positive feedback. Steve Rowe the magician was fantastic – he was funny, friendly and very entertaining !”


As well as close-up / table / walkaround style magic I also offer a stage show performance, often as a finalé to the evening and has been really popular this year. Perfect for guest numbers around 80 upwards, my stage show is 30 minutes – nothing to heavy or long and entertaining enough to keep people wanting more. I have also offered this as an addition / end to the evening – I perform close-up either mix and mingle or table performance and then finish with my stage show. This way absolutely everyone gets to experience the magic and really is a little different.

Feedback from Toddington U3A – “I just wanted to say how much we all enjoyed your show today, it really was MAGIC. Also, thank you so much for being so accommodating, you certainly gave a wonderful performance and started our Christmas off in the best possible way.” Angela Watts

So…Magic for everyone?

I started this post talking about how magic is so varied and I really have seen that full on this festive season. I have performed for small groups and large groups – in hotels, bars, restaurants, village halls, large scale conference centres…you name it. Also for children and familes, corporates, private parties and even an amazing group of elders whom really knew how to party.
I am so very grateful to each and everyone whom have either booked me or have been part of my audience this year, not only the festive period but throughout the year. I really feel blessed to have these opportunities and absolutely love what I do.